Biosolids Derived Material


The Blackwood Blends Soil Amendment is processed & manufactured at the WOF NE BLackwood, LLC facility in Tremont, Pennsylvania.  The facility accepts sludge and processes it with synergistic material such as fly ash or lime kiln dust to create a quality, consistent and desirable soil amendment product.  The facility maintains a series of permits and approvals for operation and distribution with the PA DEP and NYS DEC. 



The Blackwood Blends Soil Amendment is considered an Exceptional Quality (EQ) Biosolids Derived Material.  The product is regularly tested to ensure regulatory compliance and evaluate agronomic characteristics.  The product contains desirable nutrients such as N, P, K. and liming characteristics.  The application rate varies depending on the site's type, history, current soil characteristics and long-term objectives.



The Blackwood Blends Soil Amendment product is permitted for use as a soil additive or soil substitute, an agricultural liming material, a horticultural amendment, a fertilizer in normal farming operations or on disturbed lands for reclamation purposes or a component of the value-added topsoil material at locations other than the processing facility.  In addition to the product itself, Blackwood Blends can provide necessary hauling, incorporation and seeding services to optimize the application of the product.






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